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April Italy & Switzerland Tour Announced

Mar 31 | Posted by: Jesse Terry


Drinking my coffee today at home in New England and practicing some basic Italian:)

I fly to Milan on Saturday and I still can't believe it.

So lucky get to make music for so many new folks in Italy and experience a whole new culture. I'm so grateful to the fine folks at Roots Music Club for booking this tour and taking such good care of me. I'm truly in good hands.

I'll have the pleasure of being accompanied by the amazing Chiara Giacobbe on this tour.. I'll be on the bill with her full band one night and opening up for them. I'll also get to make music with fantastic singer/songwriter Cesare Carugi on April 17th in Ferrara.

Okay, back to work - practicing songs and Italian!!

If you have any friends in Italia please help spread the word for me.

And do follow my adventures on Facebook & Instagram - I'll be posting lots of pics in April and I hope you'll take the journey with me.

See everyone soon!

big love, jesse

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