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Relix Magazine // Stargazer Music Video Premiere!!

Aug 18 | Posted by: Jesse Terry

Hey my friends!

I shot my first music video in Northumberland, ​UK​ for the title track of my new album Stargazer (out September 15) and I'm stoked to have Relix Magazine premiere ​it​.​ ​​

The video was filmed at Bamburgh Castle, an ancient fortress on the northeast coast of England



Here's a little bit about the video and the song below - Share with your buds and enjoy!


The optimistic fourth LP from singer/songwriter Jesse Terry, Stargazer, will be unveiled on September 15 as Terry offered up a rather sunny perspective for these dark and turbulent times. He drew on his influences like Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison for a unique record and today we're proud to premiere the title track.  

On the tune, Terry said, "For me, the song 'Stargazer' has always been about overcoming fears, picking your own universe and fighting for dreams. I think having a dream is quite ordinary, but fighting for it and clinging to it, even during the bleakest of times, can make that same thing extraordinary. We were so lucky to film the majority of this video in Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, literally an ancient fortress on the coast of Northeast England. Northumberland is such a magical place and home to the darkest skies in all of England. I can’t imagine a better filming location for 'Stargazer.' Now when I’m on stage performing, I picture myself singing this song in the King’s Hall at Bamburgh Castle. To be honest, the whole experience still feels a bit surreal to me. It was one of those days that I’ll remember for the rest of my life."

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