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"Stargazer" - Top Ten Favorite Tracks of The Week on WPKN 89.5 - CT & Streaming Radio!

Aug 27 | Posted by: Jesse Terry

Thank you WPKN Radio out of Bridgeport, CT for making "Stargazer" one of your Top Ten Favorite Tracks of the week! You guys are a huge part of my radio/musical family & I appreciate all of you so much.


If you're in the CT area, make sure to keep your radio dial on 89.5 - Or stream from anywhere in the world on the WPKN website:

https://www.wpkn.org - One of my favorite stations in the world!

Thanks to everyone out there for requesting tunes from my new "Stargazer" album:) If your local Indie/NPR/Non-Comm Radio Station doesn't have a copy yet and wants one, just drop me a line & I will get an album right out to them.

Email me here: terry.jesse@gmail.com

It's so exciting to have DJ's spinning this music all over the world.. So far we've had airplay all over the US, the UK, Ireland and Europe. It blows my mind to think that someone is listening to my record in Dublin or London or Amsterdam, as I'm touring around the US! These are the things you dream about when you're a little kid.

Thanks to all of the DJ's out there still spinning the music they dig.. As Tom Petty says, you are "The Last DJ's"!!

Cheers all - and thanks for listening,


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