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Thanks to the fine, fine folks out there in the world who are spinning my new record Empty Seat On A Plane!! You can help me spread the word by contacting your local indie/NPR (or Satellite) station and requesting tunes from the new record:)

If you're a DJ, podcaster, internet radio host or blogger and would like a copy of the new record please drop me a line here and I'll get a copy right out to you: terry.jesse@gmail.com

Or contact my wonderful radio promoter Lisa Grey at Blue River Promotions: lgrey@optonline.net

Here is a list of the stations that are currently playing songs off of Empty Seat On A Plane..  This list will continue to grow and update as my radio campaign continues.  But like I said before, don't hesitate to contact your local indie station and request me, even if they're not on this list right now.

Here are the current traditional and internet radio stations spinning the record, organized in alphabetical order by state and country. You can visit each radio station's website for contact/request info and more station info.  Thanks and BIG cheers to you!!



Station ID: Syndicated show on several different stations: KBRW, KCHU, KIYU, KNBA, KTNA, KUAC, KXGA-FM, KXFM, KYUK

Program Name: Acoustic Accents

Website: www.acousticaccents.net 

City: Syndicated - Tok, Barrow, Valdez, Galena, Anchorage, Talkeetna, Fairbanks, Glennallen, Nome, McCarthy, Bethel




Station ID: KXCI

Website: www.kxci.org

City: Tucson




Station ID: 3INR - Inner FM

Program Name: Folk n Roots

Website: www.innerfm.org.au 

City: Heidelberg Vic


Station ID: Bay FM

Website: www.bayfm.org.au

City: South-East Queensland


Station ID: PBS.FM

Program Name: Nighthawks at the Diner

Website: www.pbsfm.org.au

City: Melbourne


Station ID: 2MCE-FM

Program Name: One of the Folk

Website: www.2mce.org

City: Bathurst/Orange, New South Wales



Station ID: KALW

Program Name: A Patchwork Quilt

Website: www.kalw.org

City: San Francisco


Station ID: KVMR

Program Name: Click Your Heels Together

Website: www.kvmr.org

City: Nevada City

Station ID: KZSC

Program Name: Friday Folk at the Bar & Grill

Website: www.kzsc.org

City: Santa Cruz


Station ID: KWMR 

Program Name: Riding the Rails - The Americana Express

Website: www.kwmr.org

City: Bolinas and Pt. Reyes




Station ID: Main Street Radio

Program Name: Acoustic Planet

Website: www.tunein.com/radio/Acoustic-Planet-p346767

City: Erin, Ontario


Station ID: CKCU-FM

Program Name: Window of Opportunity

Website: www.ckcufm.com

City: Ottowa, Ontario


Station ID: CJTR

Program Name: Deeper Well Radio

Website: www.cjtr.ca

City: Regina, Saskatchewan



Station ID: WESU

Program Name: 75% Folk

Website: www.wesufm.org

City: Middletown


Station ID: WPKN

Program Names: Radio B & B, Del in Transition, Bensonian Radio and CT Rocks w/ Bobby D!

Website: www.buskinandbatteau.com/radio and www.wpkn.org/wp

City: Bridgeport


Station ID: WHUS

Program Name: The Sunday Night Folk Festival

Website: www.whus.org

City: Storrs


Station ID: WWUH Syndicated Show also on WAPJ, WDJW, WWEB and WESU

Program Name: Caterwaul

Website: www.wwuh.org

City: Station based in Hartford



Station ID: KRCC

Program Name: The Grass Roots Revival

Website: www.krcc.org

City: Colorado Springs


Station ID: KAFM

Program Name: Multiple DJ's spinning

Website: www.kafmradio.org

City: Grand Junction



Station ID: WVUD

Program Name: Roots

Website: www.wvud.org

City: Newark



Station ID: WFIT

Program Name: The Shuffle

Website: www.wfit.org

City: Melbourne




Station ID: WRFG - Radio Free Georgia

Website: www.wrfg.org

City: Atlanta


Station ID: WMNF

Program Name: The Monday Morning Show

Website: www.wmnf.org

City: Tampa




Station ID: Country Music 24

Program Name: Hillbilly Rockhouse

Website: www.countrymusic24.com



Station ID: WAZU

Program Name: Kaleidoscope Simulcast

Website: www.wazufm.org

City: Peoria

Station ID: WDBX

Program Name: Folk Fiasco

Website: www.wdbx.org

City: Carbondale


Station ID: WEFT

Program Name: From The Joshua Tree Inn

Website: www.weft.org

City: Champaign




Station ID: WBGU-FM

Program Name: Folk Show

Website: www.bgufm.com

City: Bowling Green

Station ID: WHAY

Website: www.hay98.com

City: Whitley City



Website: www2.moreheadstate.edu/mspr/

City: Morehead/Lerose




Station ID: WKHS

Program Name: WKHS/WXPN Simulcast

Website: www.wkhsradio.org

City: Worton/Baltimore



Station ID: WXRV - 92.5 The River

Program Name: Irene Collins

Website: www.theriverboston.com/

City: Boston


Station ID: WICN

Program Name: Folk Revival

Website: www.wicn.org

City: Worcester


Station ID: WMVY

Website: www.mvyradio.com

City: Tisbury/Martha's Vineyard




Station ID: WKHS/WXPN Simulcast

Website: www.wkhsradio.org

City: Worton/Baltimore




Station ID: WERU

Program Name: Morning Maine with Brother Al

Website: www.weru.org 

City: East Orland



Station ID: WDBM

Website: www.impact89fm.org

City: East Lansing


Station ID: WUCX

Program Name: Eclectic Chair

Website: www3.delta.edu/broadcasting/q901

City: Bay City




Station ID: KCMP - Minnesota Public Radio

Program Name: Radio Heartland

Website: www.minnesota.publicradio.org

City: St. Paul



Station ID: KCLC

Program Name: Acoustic Edge

Website: www.891thewood.com

City: St. Charles


Station ID: KDHX

Website: www.kdhx.org

City: St. Louis


Station ID: KOPN

Website: www.kopn.org

City: Columbia

The Netherlands


Station ID: Dollard Radio

Program Name: Folk en Zo + Late Night Blues

Website: www.dollardradio.nl

City: Winschoten


New Hampshire


Station ID: Syndicated Show airing on many stations across the USA

Program Name: Out of the Woods

Website: www.theglobalvoice.info, www.webradiocentral.com, www.bostonfreeradio.com

City: New London

New Jersey


Station ID: WFDU

Program Name: Traditions and multiple DJ's

Website: www.wfdu.fm

City: Teaneck


Station ID: WMSC

Program Name: Radio Nowhere

Website: www.wmscradio.com

City: Montclair

New Mexico


Station ID: KGLP

Program Name: Green Chile Revival Medicine Show

Website: www.kglp.org

City: Gallup


Station ID: KRWQ

Program Name: Back Porch

Website: www.krwg.org

City: Las Cruces


New York


Station ID: WFUV

Program Name: John Platt

Website: www.wfuv.org

City: Bronx


Station ID: WIOX

Program Name: Mostly Folk

Website: www.wioxradio.org

City: Beacon/Peekskill


Station ID: WPKM - WPKN Simulcast

Website: www.wpkn.org/wp

City: Montauk/Westerly/New London


Station ID: North Country Public Radio Simulcast - WSLJ, WSLL, WSLO, WSLU, WSLZ, WXLB, WXLG, WXLH, WXLS, WXLU

Website: www.northcountrypublicradio.org

City: Watertown, Saranac Lake, Malone, Canton, Cape Vincent, Boonville, North Creek, Blue Mountain Lake, Tupper Lake, Peru, Plattsburgh, Burlington


Station ID: WSPN

Program Name: Simpatico

Website: www.skidmore.edu/studentorgs/wspn

City: Saratoga Springs

New Zealand


Station ID: Wellington Access Radio/Hutt Radio

Program Name: Town & Country Radio

Website: www.huttradio.co.nz

City: Dargaville & The Kaipara - Lower Hutt


North Carolina


Station ID: Public Radio East

Website: www.publicradioeast.org

City: Kingston/Goldsboro


Station ID: WCOM

Program Name: Americana Music Show

Website: www.wcomfm.org

City: Carrboro/Chapel Hill



Station ID: KLCC - Simulcast on KLBR, KLCO, KLFO, KLFR, KMPQ

Program Name: Saturday Cafe

Website: www.klcc.org

City: Bend, Eugene, Cottage Grove, Oakridge, Riddle, Sisters, Newport, Florence, Reedsport, Roseburg



Station ID: WVYA

Website: www.wvia.org

City: Williamsport


Station ID: WXPN - simulcast on WXPH

Program Name: Sleepy Hollow

Website: www.xpn.org

City: Philadelphia, Harrisburg


Station ID: WVIA

Website: www.wvia.org

City: Pittston, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Hazleton


Station ID: WIUP-FM

Program Name: Modern Troubadours

Website: www.wiupfm.org

City: Indiana



Station ID: Radio Avesta - 103.5 FM

Program Name: Soren Andersson



Station ID: Lightning 100

Website: www.lightning100.com

City: Nashville

Station ID: WETS

Website: www.wets.org

City: Johnson City



Station ID: WRIR

Program Name: Lost Music Saloon

Website: www.wrir.org

City: Chester


Station ID: WRRW

Website: www.wrrw.fm

City: Virginia Beach


Station ID: WXLQ

Program Name: North Country Public Radio Simulcast

Website: www.northcountrypublicradio.org

City: Bristol


Station ID: WXLQ

Website: www.m.npr.org/stations/show/WXLQ

City: Monterey


West Virginia


Station ID: WVMR

Program Name: Fresh For Friday

Website: www.alleghenymountainradio.org

City: Dunmore

Internet Radio/Podcasts


Acoustic Long Island (#1 Acoustic Podcast on iTunes)

Download Live performance for Free on iTunes or at:



Wrecking Ball Radio - Cosmic Americana



Radio Crystal Blue - Dan Herman




The Blinding Heights Podcast



Lufthansa Airlines In-Flight Radio

"Wishful Thinking" being played on all international flights worldwide in

January and February.



Wildman Steve Radio



Positively Charged



KC Cafe Radio



Hudson Valley Artist Spotlight with Kathy Millar



Festival Radio



Ocean Beach Radio



Nashville Broadcast Radio Network



Radio Free Americana



Radio Wayne



Suck Free Radio